Has Dragons Den Ever Featured Bitcoin?

Many rumours have circulated, claiming the Dragons Den has supported Bitcoin trading platforms like Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Loophole, and Bitcoin Code. According to rumours, these Bitcoin trading methods have been on Dragons Den several times and have been mentioned by the investors and businessmen involved in the TV show. Let us check out if these speculations are real.

Has Dragons Den Ever Featured Bitcoin?

We looked into these claims and found no proof to back up the assertions made in the media. Because Dragons Den is a popular and award-winning television show, it is unavoidable that such rumours will spread. The endorsement of these Bitcoin trading platforms means the word would spread globally, and the platform’s success would expand overnight. However, we cannot verify whether any of these claims are correct or if there is any connection between Dragons Den and Bitcoin Technologies.

However, we have discovered that some Bitcoin trading systems are a feasible choice for trading in the cryptocurrency market (CFD trading) based on use-cases and reviews. The Crypto Trader review refers to in-depth analysis you will find online to better understand this technology.

What Is Dragons Den, and How Does It Work?

The show follows numerous entrepreneurs as they pitch their various developing business ideas to a panel of five wealthy investors known as the show’s “Dragons.” The entrepreneurs present their business ideas in exchange for the financial investment from the five investors. These participants feel they have gotten practical, potentially profitable, and excellent business ideas, but they cannot expand due to the lack of capital. Evan Davis hosts a British television show called Dragons Den. The show idea is based on the Japanese television show “The Tigers Money.” Nippon TV established the format, which Sony Pictures Television distributed. The local versions of the show are available in about 30 countries globally.

These businessmen must have to mention the amount of money they require from these investors, and if the required amount is not offered from at least one of the investors, they will walk away empty-handed. The investors can provide entrepreneurs with the entire amount or a share of it.

Below is the most recent investors’ list that is featured on the show:

  • Peter Jones – A British Businessman and entrepreneur
  • Deborah Meaden – A successful businesswoman
  • Duncan Bannatyne – A Scottish philanthropist, author, and entrepreneurs
  • Richard Farleigh – An Australian private investor
  • Touker Suleyman – A British- Turkish Cypriot fashion retail businessman
  • Theo Paphitis – A British Greek-Retail magnate
  • Doug Richard – An American entrepreneur
  • Rachel Elnaugh – A British entrepreneur who has founded Red Letter Days, A UK’s gift company
  • Simon Woodroffe – An English entrepreneur and motivational speaker
  • Sara Davies – An entrepreneur, businesswoman, and television celebrity.
  • Tej Lalvani – A British businessman and the CEO of one of the UK’s largest vitamin company Vitabiotics

What Is Bitcoin Trading Technology and How Does It Work?

Bitcoin trading technology is defined as advanced software for crypto trading that has been specifically developed to ensure trading easier for beginners who want to trade and gain profit from cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency traders across the world appreciate the Bitcoin trading technology. We have met a few individuals who are already using Bitcoin trading technology and have had financial success trading cryptocurrency. More information is required, though, to make an informed decision regarding this software.

When was the Dragon’s Den Bitcoin Episode Telecasted?

Many people had asked when Bitcoin first appeared on Dragons Den; the answer is that Bitcoin or the Bitcoin Trading Technology was never featured in an episode of the popular television show. Therefore, every story regarding these claims is untrue and should be labelled as fake news. Fortunately, videos are more difficult to spoof than articles.

What is the Relationship Between Dragons Den and Bitcoin?

The media is full of rumours and reports regarding Dragons Den and its connection to Bitcoin. According to media sources, entrepreneurs on the show presented bitcoin trading systems, and investors on the show, including Deborah Meaden, Peter Jones, Theo Paphitis, and Sarah Davies, invested and approved these bitcoin trading technologies. None of these rumours is true; we can promise you that now.

According to several Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest posts, Bitcoin is Dragons Den’s most significant investment to date. This is also incorrect. We recommend that you carefully verify every piece of information you come across online to ensure that you are not misled by fake news. If you come across articles claiming a Bitcoin affiliation with Dragons’ Den, it is quite possible that scammers have paid them for spreading fake news.

Dragons Den and Bitcoin Loophole

Bitcoin Loophole is a trading tool that make trades on behalf of new and seasoned investors with little or no trading expertise. According to an interview circulating the internet, one of the Dragons Den entrepreneurs offered Bitcoin Loophole to the show’s investors. However, we can confirm that Bitcoin Loophole had never been featured on Dragons Den or promoted by any of the show’s entrepreneurs.

Dragons Den and Bitcoin Profit

Bitcoin Profit is one of the most well-known and oldest automated trading platforms. There are many positive reviews about this system and its potential to help new investors with cryptocurrency trading. Bitcoin Profit is powered by intelligent algorithms that thoroughly scan the bitcoin market for profitable trades on a regular basis. There have been speculations that the Dragons’ Den show is affiliated with Bitcoin Profit. We can now affirm that these rumours are incorrect, and Dragon’s Den and Bitcoin Profit have no affiliation or endorsements.

Dragons Den and Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Revolution is referred as an automated technology for trading on behalf of investors in the bitcoin market. This method has the potential to win 99.4 per cent of Bitcoin trades. According to reports, the Dragons Den investors were impressed by the entrepreneur who originally pitched that idea. However, we can attest now all such reports were false. Dragons Den has never backed Bitcoin Revolution.

Had Peter Jones Invested in Bitcoin Revolution?

Had Peter Jones Invested in Bitcoin Revolution?

Peter Jones is a British businessman, entrepreneur, and reality TV star. On Dragons Den, he is the last original investor left in the show. At the young age of 16, Peter Jones started his business career. According to a 2019 private valuation, his empire has been grown to $489 million over the years. It is not unexpected if there have been media speculations that Peter Jones has invested in Bitcoin Revolution.

Being a celebrity and successful businessman, associating Peter Jones name with the Bitcoin Revolution would ensure instant success and overnight fame for bitcoin technology. However, any claim regarding such news cannot be confirmed as we have not been able to attest to any affiliation between Bitcoin Revolution and Peter Jones.

Had Deborah Meaden Ever Endorsed Bitcoin on Dragons Den Show?

Had Deborah Meaden Ever Endorsed Bitcoin on Dragons Den Show?

Deborah Meaden is a British entrepreneur who is operating a multimillion-pound family vacation business. She has also featured Dragons Den several times as an investor. Deborah Meaden is said to be the owner of 29 enterprises. Her net worth is estimated to be £40 million. There have been reports that Deborah Meaden has officially promoted Bitcoin on one of the Dragons Den’s episodes. However, none of such news has been verified by an authenticated source.

Had Bitcoin Ever Been Endorsed by Theo Paphitis on Dragons Den?

Theo Paphitis, a British Greek-Cypriot entrepreneur and retail proprietor, is most known for his appearances on Dragon’s Den shown and for being the former chairman of Millwall Football Club. Theo Paphitis has earned most of his money in the retail industry, and his net worth is believed to be over GB£301 million. On the 2019 Sunday Times World’s Richest List, he was included as one of the world’s wealthiest people. There have been rumours that Theo Paphitis publicly backed Bitcoin as a lucrative cryptocurrency while on the Dragons Den TV show. However, we have not been able to confirm any affiliation between Theo Paphitis and Bitcoin.

Scams in Bitcoin Trading Technologies

It is strongly believed that sources that are spreading these fake reports and rumours are deliberately doing that. For example, famous tv reality series are frequently leveraged by affiliate marketers in their advertisements. While the products and brokers they promote are not necessarily frauds, their practices lead people to believe them to be scams. CFD trading platforms, for example, are frequently associated with frauds, much like the Forex trading, although t the Forex market is real and sustainable; it is only plagued by scammers, who has badly affected the reputation of Forex.

We have compiled several Bitcoin reviews, most of which have focused on Bitcoin trading systems analysis. This includes how they operate, their benefits, drawbacks, and whether they are legitimate or not. Before deciding if this system is a scam or not, we highly recommend you go through these reviews and get an idea about the reliability and authenticity of Bitcoin trading systems.


On Dragons Den, no one has ever pitched or backed Bitcoin or any other similar trading system or technology. But unfortunately, there are lots of fake news being spread online, and affiliate marketers are using well-known business executives and television shows for their advertisement purposes.

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