Has Shark Tank Ever Endorsed Bitcoin?

Bitcoin and the famous TV reality show Shark Tank has been the subject of rumours for the past few months. So let us find out whether any bitcoin trading software has been featured on Shark Tank or if any investors have promoted it in that reality show.

Has Shark Tank Ever Endorsed Bitcoin?

For the last couple of months, there have been growing rumours about Bitcoin and Shark Tank, the famous TV reality show. These rumours have been circulating on popular news websites, social media, and numerous media reports, stating that the hosts, investors, and entrepreneurs on Shark Tank have publicly promoted Bitcoin and Bitcoin Trading Technologies on live television.

We have conducted a series of investigations about Bitcoin and its endorsements to determine the truth behind such rumours and provide some clarity on Bitcoin scams and fake news with respect to cryptocurrency.

In this article, we will address the claims being made about Shark Tank and Bitcoin and determine if there is some truth behind such news circulating online for quite some time.

What Is Shark Tank and How Does It Work?

Shark Tank, an American business reality TV series, is aired on ABC. Since its premiere in August 2009, the show has gained a devoted following. The show is essentially an American adaptation of the popular BBC reality show Dragon’s Den, and it follows the same format. Entrepreneurs present their company plans to a panel of five rich investors known as “Sharks.” Depending on what is pitched to them, these investors will determine whether or not to support these projects. Each of the panel’s investors is a multi-millionaire. Below are the most recent investors in Shark Tank:

  • Daymond John
  • Barbara Corcoran
  • Robert Herjavec
  • Kevin O’Leary
  • Mark Cuban
  • Lori Greiner

The show has been a hit in its time slot, winning a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Structured Reality Program. The sitcom was renewed for an 11th season by ABC on February 5, 2019. Chris Sacca and Troy Carter are the show hosts.

Bitcoin and Shark Tank

Many rumours have circulated about Shark Tank endorsing Bitcoin. According to rumours, Mark Cuban and Kevin O’ Leary promoted Bitcoin on one of the show’s live episodes. It’s no wonder that these rumours have been making the rounds on the internet. Kevin O’Leary’s net worth is projected to be over $400 million, whereas Mark Cuban’s net worth is projected to be approximately $4.3 billion. Mark and Kevin are both well-known businessmen, and any association with these two millionaires might result in overnight popularity.

When was Bitcoin endorsed on Shark Tank by Mark Cuban?

Shark Tank by Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is known as the wealthiest “shark” in the world. He is now ranked 179 on Forbes’ list of the 400 richest persons in the world. He owns the Dallas Mavericks professional basketball franchise and is chairman of AXS TV. He also co-owns Landmark Theaters and Magnolia Pictures.

According to Mark Cuban reportedly openly promoted Bitcoin on Shark Tank. Now, it is confirmed that all such rumours are untrue. Affiliate marketers sometimes leverage well-known or established businessmen and celebrities to create leads for a given campaign. That is the main reason behind the spread of such claims.

Has Kevin O’Leary Ever Invested in Bitcoin Trading Technology?

Kevin O'Leary Ever Invested in BitcoinKevin O’Leary is the co-founder of Storage Now and the founder of an educational software company. He appeared in the Planet Earth program on the Discovery Channel and Dragons Den on the CBC. He has also written several best-selling financial literacy books “Cold Hard Truth on Men, Women, Money” & “Cold Hard Truth on Family, Kids, and Money.” A

collection of wine has been named after Kevin O’Leary. According to sources, Kevin O’Leary has invested in Bitcoin trading technology as well as other cryptocurrencies such as Bundil, which permits users to invest in cryptocurrencies using their spending money. These rumours have since been proven to be untrue. There was no link between O’Leary and Bundil or any other cryptocurrency that we could uncover.

Has Bitcoin Trading Technology been Endorsed by Chris Sacca on Shark Tank?

Chris Sacca on Shark TankChris Sacca is an American venture investor, business counsellor, entrepreneur, and Shark Tank host. According to the rumours, Chris Sacca has earned huge profits by investing in Bitcoin Trading Technology. We can confirm now these rumours are not true in any sense. Chris Sacca has never made a financial investment in Bitcoin Trading Technology.

The Bitcoin Trading Technology stated in these rumours, on the other hand, looks to be legitimate and a very profitable tool. Before dismissing Bitcoin Evolution as a scam, we recommend reading our in-depth Bitcoin Evolution review.


It is quite possible that the outlets disseminating such news and rumours are doing it purposely. For example, advertisements for prominent television reality shows are frequently used by affiliate marketers. The products and brokers promoted by them are not necessarily frauds; however, their practices lead people to believe they are scams. CFD trading platforms, for example, are frequently associated with frauds, much like the Forex sector, yet the Forex market is illegitimate and sustainable; it is only plagued by scammers, who have badly damaged the reputation of the Forex platform.

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