Bitcoin Circuit – How does the deposit work?

In order to trade on the Bitcoin Circuit platform, a deposit must be made after registration. The provider has set a minimum amount of 250 euros for this.

In order to be able to test the advantages of the provider in peace, the minimum amount should not be exceeded when making the first deposit. Even if it is of course possible to start with a higher amount.

Paying into the member account

The deposit to one’s member account can be made using a wide variety of payment methods. Many users opt for a credit card payment. Among other reasons, this is because the money arrives on the member’s account faster and more securely.

Alternatively, the money can be transferred by debit card or bank transfer. In most cases, this transfer takes one to two working days. As soon as the money has been deposited in the account, you can start trading directly.

Minimise risk

To keep the risk as low as possible when trading, the amounts staked should also be chosen as low as possible. Experts advise that only as much money should be used in trading as one can easily tolerate financially.

Even if there are many tips to keep the risk as low as possible when trading, a residual risk cannot be completely excluded. Only when you have found a good strategy should you adjust the bot accordingly.

In this case, more money can be invested if the profits are reliable. Winnings are always paid out in the same way as the deposit was made.

Bitcoin Circuit - How does the deposit work?

Using a demo account

For beginners, it is advisable to first set up a demo account. A fictitious credit balance is available on this account. This offers the advantage that beginners can test the platform extensively without risk. The demo account can be used to simulate various trades.

With a demo account, trading is therefore possible without making a deposit into the credit account. Real money should only be used when you are familiar with the platform and feel safe.

In this case, you can switch directly to the real user account and invest real money.

Trading with real money

Unlike with a demo account, it is possible to make high profits on the real user account that can actually be paid out. For many traders, the attraction and fun is much higher when they trade with real money.

Normally, a one-time deposit of 250 euros is sufficient to make a profit as quickly as possible. If necessary, however, more money can be booked to the member account at any time. The more money there is, the more can be bought and sold via the trading bot.

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