Bitcoin Cycle – Costs and fees

Bitcoin Cycle is an automated trading software designed to make it easier for investors to trade bitcoin. The app and software respectively work with bots and brokers based on artificial intelligence that respond to the right trading signals to either buy or sell bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

The software promises profits of over 90%, so you can quickly recoup the money you put in. The Bitcoin markets are subject to strong fluctuations, so that one sometimes loses the overview or the human eye cannot follow all developments and price changes.

How can you profit from Bitcoin Cycle?

Step 1: Click on the link to go to the official website of Bitcoin Cycle.
Step 2: Fill out the form to get a FREE licence to trade.
Step 3: Follow the instructions on the platform to profit from bitcoin quickly!

This is where a bot or digital aid comes in to respond to the right trading signals and pass the data on to a broker who evaluates the data as legitimate and authentic and can then make the right decisions as a financial service provider (like the shareholder in the original sense).

As with many things and writings, the bots and the brokers draw on extensive source material. They work as “news spies” or with them to react to the latest market and economic developments.

The bots and brokers work with the help of global news, the financial index and incorporate these into modern technologies and algorithms, which react reciprocally with the individual parameters and price developments in order to achieve the highest possible profits in a short time or also to avoid losses.


Bitcoin Cycle - Costs and fees

As artificial intelligence, they also learn or the user himself learns, if he wants to readjust the individual parameters after his own observations of the price development.

So you don’t lose complete control over the processes and can still choose whether to use it or not. When one registers, one enters one’s data, such as name and e-mail address, and receives a registration code by e-mail to verify oneself and one’s account.

This is also a good idea for the authenticity of the programme, that it is serious. One can choose whether to get involved, to take the risk, or not. In addition, there is a demo account that allows one to test the app’s functions and modes of action without losing a lot of money right away.

You have to deposit at least 250 dollars for the system to work. It is recommended to deposit little money at first so that the risk of losing money is kept low. You should only invest as much money as you are prepared to lose.

Overall, once you have become more confident, you should also slowly put in more money. Since prices can fluctuate quickly and losses occur quickly, it is advisable to withdraw the money won on a regular basis.

It is also important that the profits must be taxed and Bitcoin is not a legal vacuum, regardless of whether it is a currency in the decentralised area, as is the case with cryptocurrencies.

Other fees are the possible losses or just the taxes or, in the worst case, tax penalties.

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