Bitcoin Cycle – How does the deposit work?

Bitcoin Cycle is a reliable software that is known for making it very easy for customers to trade Bitcoin and co. You can start trading with just a few euros when you make your deposit. If you are already familiar with the market, this is of course not new news.

But if you are new to the business, it is interesting how easy it is to earn money with Bitcoin nowadays. Of course, you also have to be lucky or have a good hand.

If you have one or even both of these things, you can be very happy, because then the money can flow very quickly. However, before you can earn money with bitcoin or other currencies, you first have to make a deposit with a provider like Bitcoin Cycle.

If you have done this before, you certainly don’t need any more help, as it is actually very simple. Nevertheless, it can be very overwhelming at first when you see the large selection of payment methods that are offered.

But in principle it is quite simple. In the following, we show you the payment methods that Bitcoin Cycle offers and that you can use.


Bitcoin Cycle - How does the deposit work?

Which payment methods should only be used in exceptional cases?

One of them is certainly the bank transfer. On the one hand, payment is very reliable this way. On the other hand, you have to wait a very long time until the money actually ends up in your Bitcoin Cycle account.

Since both sides have to have the payment processed manually by employees, it can take up to 5 working days until the money can finally be used for trading. It is different with the instant transfer from the bank.

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To do this, however, you need online banking, which not everyone has unlocked. If this is the case, however, you can also make the payment this way. The tan is sent to the mobile phone as security to confirm the payment.

Since this is a very secure method of payment, we can recommend transferring money in this way. The money is then credited to the Bitcoin Cycle account immediately after the payment, so there is no need to wait until the fun can begin.

Paying with Paypal, Paysafe and credit card

Even though these payment methods are very different, they all have something in common, because the money is credited to the Bitcoin Cycle account immediately after the payment is completed.

This means that you can start trading immediately. This is an important point, especially for new customers, because they have registered to start trading and not to wait any longer.

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