Bitcoin Future – What is the minimum stake?

No other currency has recently taken off as successfully as bitcoin trading. Nevertheless, investors should view trading with scepticism. There are also dubious providers on the Bitcoin marketplaces.

As tests have shown, Bitcoin Future is not one of them. All processes and transactions are kept transparent. Nevertheless, big profits are only possible if a lot of money is invested.

What is Bitcoin Future?

If the provider is to be believed, a profit of more than 1000 euros is reported on the platform. Furthermore, the provider advertises that traders only have to sit at the screen for 20 minutes per day.

Moreover, the use of the website is free of charge and there are no hidden costs. When one goes to the homepage of Bitcoin Future, there is a notice saying that due to the large response, registration will be discontinued on a certain day.

Nevertheless, the countdown will restart as soon as the page rebuilds. On the start page, the investor finds a video that was put there for advertising purposes. Here, well-known personalities talk about the currency.

However, traders should not show much interest here, because the interviews were made when bitcoin was at its peak.

Bitcoin Future - What is the minimum stake?

How does Bitcoin Future work?

The software is said to work at 99.4%. Most of the time, however, the software will work the way it was set and that is with an accuracy of 100%. However, it cannot be read from this that there is a guarantee of a profit.

The fact is that it must be assumed that Bitcoin Future is a crypto-robot that enables the investor to trade bitcoins automatically.

What is meant by crypto-robot?

It is a computer program that is subject to algorithms and thus calculate the prices. Very different, however, is the success. There is no guarantee of winning.

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How to set up a Bitcoin Future account

Once all the info has reached the trader, setting up an account can be done in addition to registering.

The registration

In order to register, the investor must provide personal data. This is the name and a valid e-mail address. In addition, also a telephone number. However, investors should only disclose these details if they trust the site. Fraudsters often only want to collect the data to annoy users with emails and calls.

The test mode

Some platforms offer a demo account with which investors can practice trading without risk. Money is not earned in the process, but a certain degree of security can occur. If losses occur, there is no financial loss, but there is also no profit.

The minimum stake

If the demo account has been used intensively, the investor can make his first minimum bet. There are various payment options for this:

  • Credit card
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • Skrill

If trading is to be started, the minimum stake of 250 euros must be deposited. It should be noted that some providers charge additional fees for deposits and withdrawals.

The amount of the minimum deposit is not only suggested to the beginner, but also to the professional who wants to try out the platform.

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