Bitcoin Hero – What is the minimum stake?

Bitcoin Hero enables the automatic trading of Bitcoins. The bot independently observes and analyses the price development of the market. It automatically makes purchases and sales. It can also tell when it is worth taking profits.

The automation of bitcoin trading

The aim of automating bitcoin trading is to achieve a decent return. The programme generates regular profits and increases the return. 90% of the trades from the bot, are converted into profits.

The pros and cons

Bitcoin Hero is easy to use. 250 $ must be brought as starting capital. The customer service provides excellent support for new and existing customers. Moreover, a free demo account is available. The programme allows for increasing returns and within 24 hours the money is paid out.


Bitcoin Hero - What is the minimum stake?

The operation

In order for the bot to perform automatic trading, there are some necessary settings to be made. The user sets how much risk Bitcoin Hero should take when trading. This leads to potentially more winning. The risk of loss also increases.

In addition, the money staked in the trade is a relevant factor that can be set. Likewise, a profit target can be set for the trade. The buying decisions from the market are taken over by Bitcoin Hero. To a limited extent, the customer can influence this.

The minimum sum

A minimum deposit of $250 is required. Necessary for this is a registration and the deposit of the share capital. Optimal profit can only be achieved with a sufficiently large investment sum.

Deposits can be made by credit card and various payment service providers. Once the money is in the account, the bot can start trading.

Possibilities of earning

The earnings with Bitcoin Hero can vary. However, it depends on the capital invested and the price developments. For beginners, it is recommended to first learn how to use the bot.

Therefore, only small sums should be invested at the beginning. With increasing experience, it is advisable to increase the capital.

Tip: Sign up for Bitcoin Hero TODAY ([current_date format=’d.m.Y’]). As of 25.07.2024 the free trial is unfortunately no longer available. Click NOW here to get the free trial.

Bitcoin Hero’s profit sharing

The Bitcoin Hero bot is not completely free. However, upfront payments are not necessary. It is funded through a percentage profit share. The bot retains 5% of the profit from the trade.

The remaining profit is credited to the user account. It can be used for further trades or paid out. A transfer takes about 24 hours.


Bitcoin Hero is technically up to date. Responds adequately to every price change. Due to its direct connection with the crypo exchange, trading takes place without much delay.

The trading bot works very effectively and independently. It is completely tailored to the needs of private investors. It is therefore suitable for beginners as well as for advanced traders.

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