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More and more people want to be able to trade bitcoins while on the go in the age of smart devices. The mobile trading apps are developed for you if you spend more time on your phone during the day than on your PC. The apps are developed specifically for smartphones and tablets, which often operate on Android or iOS. They make mobile trading easier and are a lifesaver for folks who trade on the side and don’t have the time to sit in front of their trading desktop computer at home all day.


To utilise bitcoin brokers’ mobile trading apps, you will need an Android or iOS device. Users on Windows Phone and Blackberry have access to a limited number of apps. However, Blackberry and Windows phone versions of the popular MetaTrader programme can also be utilised with some BTC brokers.

The Advantages of Bitcoin Trading App

Even when you are on the go, mobile trading apps give you quick and easy access to trading tools. In comparison to websites in smartphone internet browsers, the applications are more user-friendly. They can have more functionality, like notifications, and consume less mobile data than loading the desktop website on the phone.

Top 3 Bitcoin Robot Apps

1. BitQT

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2. Bitcoin Era

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3. Bitcoin Evolution

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The Quality of App 

The quality of a trading application is critical to the trading experience; if the app keeps stalling during necessary periods of trading, you may become upset and lose money or miss deals.

The App Security

It goes without saying that you would not use a public WLAN to run a trading programme, especially if you do not have a reliable VPN.

In the worst-case scenario, the mobile phone should be encrypted so that no one can directly access your trading app to make trades, withdraw money, and so on in the event of theft. So, if you use the Bitcoin Robot Trading App to trade cryptocurrencies, you should put out some effort in terms of security.

The “Trading Quality”

Why we wouldn’t recommend trading with a smartphone for beginners in particular:

The size of the screen on mobile phones and desktop computers is a clear distinction. Professional day traders typically spend their days in front of a desktop computer, preferably with numerous displays, but at the very least with the very large one. It is critical to have everything in view to evaluate charts properly and to have a good picture of trading activity, including widgets for order books and other functions.

On the other hand, a cell phone merely displays a little chart. More detailed information may only be accessed by scrolling through the pages one by one. Ultimately these devices are not suitable for intensive and well-founded trading. Beginners, in particular, would find it challenging to learn trading over a cell phone, but they could do so if they worked hard enough. So, if you’re a seasoned trader who knows precisely what you’re doing and has previously completed your market study or trade strategy at home, managing your transaction on the move can make sense.

Bitcoin trading applications, in our opinion, are only helpful in an emergency if you need to control a current deal while on the road – in a quiet location where you won’t be interrupted. Alternatively, you can follow the chart of an asset you’re interested in. However, we personally would not utilise our cell phone to execute trades, and we do not know any genuine traders who would.

At the end of the day, each individual must determine for himself or herself what he or she is best at dealing with. However, if you’re thinking about utilising your smartphone to trade, keep our advice in mind.

Phone Performance Dependency

It’s self-evident that the phone’s capabilities influence an app’s performance. Although modern smartphones typically have sufficient computing power to display real-time price and order book activities in mobile trading apps, specific mobile models may have their quirks, causing apps to crash or freeze for a brief period, or, more simply, the phone battery to be suddenly discharged, effectively ending trading. Consider what would happen if you merely intended to place a stop order. Alternatively, you can set your order for an impulsively panic sell at a market price throughout the order process (just joking).

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