Crypto Trader – Demo Account

Bitcoin has been around for about 10 years. In the course of time, it has become apparent that Bitcoin trading can often be risky for a newcomer. However, there is a way to minimise this risk or to enter into it without any risk at all.

With a so-called demo account, this option can be achieved.

Sign up with Crypto Trader

Once the registration has taken place, the rest of the process will also be quite simple. When registering, only the name, a telephone number and an e-mail address are required. A password is also required.

The investor will then receive a confirmation code that he must enter at the appropriate place. That is all it takes to participate in Bitcoin trading. The trader also receives an overview of his account. Before trading cryptocurrencies or bitcoin, newcomers in particular should first use a demo account.


Crypto Trader - Demo Account

What is a demo account?

There is usually no charge for providing a demo account. These are provided by brokers. Since there are serious differences here, a broker comparison should be made before choosing a broker.

In addition, priority should only be given to the broker that offers its fees and also the minimum deposit that can be considered within the investor’s budget. However, before a minimum deposit is made, it is recommended to test the Crypto Bot with a demo account.

Of course, you can start trading directly. Then a minimum deposit of 250 euros is necessary. There is no upper limit for the investment. There are many different payment options. For example, credit card, Interkasse and Vload.

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The Crypto Trader demo account

Crypto Trader is a platform that trades entirely automatically. So there is the possibility of automatic trading as well as trading where all transactions are entered manually.

One should know that very many investors opt for auto-trading. This so-called Crypto Trader robot has a very good software that predicts trades with a high profit accuracy in just a few seconds.

How to trade with Crypto Trader?

The choice between trading and auto-trading is available. This means that the investor can enter his own functions. Then Crypto Trader works just like all exchanges. The right time must be waited for, and only then can the Bitcoins be bought and sold.

Automated trading is not as time-consuming. The investor has the option to select different risk areas. These are low, medium or high risk. In addition, the desired profit level can be specified.

The special feature of Crypto Trader

Most investors attach great importance to the fact that the deposits but also the withdrawals function flawlessly. In addition, the process of trading should be kept simple.

With the Crypto Trader robot, an automatic programme is offered, whereby the investor must enter certain conditions in order to be able to start trading. One can compare the bot with that of a stock broker.

The bot will immediately realise price fluctuations and buy or sell Bitcoins according to the default settings.

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