Elon Musk Destroyed the Lives of Crypto Holders

In a 3 minute 47 seconds long video, the hacktivist group Anonymous sent a message to Elon Musk saying that he is doing anything to get attention. His actions have cost many crypto holders. He is trying to control the crypto market with his ‘Rich Boy’ influence. The video also talked about Elon Musk’s behaviour towards his workers, the secret of his wealth, Tesla’s source of income, and the environmental damage that his companies are causing.


What Did Anonymous say in the Video?

The CEO of Tesla has been accused of manipulating the crypto market several times, and now the infamous hacktivist group has also sent a video message to Elon Musk. In this video message, it was revealed how Elon Musk tried to decentralize cryptocurrency along with many other things, which are as follows:

For as long as quite a while, you have appreciated perhaps the greatest notorieties of anybody in the tycoon class since you have taken advantage of the craving that a large number of us need to live in a world with electric vehicles and space investigation, however, as of late your painstakingly made public picture is being uncovered, and individuals are starting to consider you to be just another selfish rich fellow who is frantic for consideration.

Your mission to save the world is more established in a predominance and deliverer complex than it is in genuine worry for humankind. This has been clear to your representatives for quite a while who have confronted excruciating conditions under your order for quite a long time.

It is also clear to the small kids working in your abroad lithium mines, annihilating the neighbourhood climate. You have been open about your ability to organize upsets to introduce despots in places where your poisonous items are being mined. You have even rashly delegated yourself ‘Head of Mars,’ where you will send individuals to kick the bucket.

Your fanboys ignore these issues since they are centred around the potential greatness that your tasks can bring to the world; however, you are by all accounts not the only show around, and your opposition is developing more exceptional as time passes.

However, this isn’t your development because you’re not the originator of Tesla. You just bought the organization from two individuals substantially cannier than you are – Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning

Tesla has additionally gotten more cash-flow holding bitcoin for a couple of months than they did in long periods of selling vehicles.

It is additionally without a doubt that this bitcoin was bought with cash from these administration appropriations.

It is currently broadly trusted you had been compelled to decry your organization’s contribution with Bitcoin to keep that green government cash streaming into Tesla’s coffers.

The energy use contention about evidence of work mining is a very nuanced discussion that requires a genuinely mind-boggling comprehension of how power frameworks work and how abundance energy is squandered by power organizations and searched out by crypto excavators.

This is a discussion that you have been having for longer than a year and were personally mindful of; however, when your primary kind of revenue was undermined as you claimed to be dumbfounded trying to play the two sides of the fence.

At that point, your transition to make a bitcoin excavator chamber was seen correctly as an endeavour to unify the business and take it under your influence.

Perusing the remarks on your Twitter posts, it appears to be that the games you have played with the crypto markets have annihilated lives.

A great many retail financial backers were genuinely relying on their crypto gains to improve their lives. You won’t ever comprehend this because you were naturally introduced to the taken abundance of a South African politically sanctioned racial segregation emerald mine and do not understand what battle resembles for the majority of the functioning individuals on the planet.

They faced the challenge upon themselves when they contributed, and everybody knows to be ready for unpredictability in crypto. However, your Tweets this week show an unmistakable dismissal for the normal working individual.

As dedicated individuals have their fantasies sold over your public fits, you keep on taunting them with images from one of your million-dollar houses.

You may think you are the most intelligent individual in the room, however now you have met your match.

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