Elon Musk Shared a Meme About Warren Buffett on Twitter

The SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted on Tuesday directed to a known crypto-critic Warren Buffett. The tweet was more of a troll than any serious point of debate. However, after a few hours, the tweet disappeared from Musk’s account.

Warren Buffett Trolled by Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted an image of the popular American business person Warren Buffett with a statement saying, “Find as many coins as you can. And, Fast!” Musk ascribed the articulation to Buffett, depicting it as his best financial counsel. The business visionary turned-crypto-influencer said he discovered it on the internet. In only a couple of hours, Musk’s most recent crypto tweet accumulated a great many likes and comments on Tuesday, yet the post later vanished from his Twitter account. The statement in the tweet is doubtlessly phony or wrongly credited to the 90-year old incredible financial backer who is a notable pundit of Bitcoin, most definitely.


Warren Buffett has kept a negative position on digital currency throughout the long term. In 2019, the Oracle of Omaha said that bitcoin has no real worth by any means, considering it a “hallucination.” In 2018, the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway expressed that the individuals who put cash into bitcoin were not contributing, however, to estimating and betting. “Likely rat poison squared” is Buffett’s most popular depiction of Bitcoin, which he gave at the organization’s yearly gathering in May of that year. On the other hand, Elon Musk has been an unmistakable ally of cryptocurrency, with few exceptions, for example, the current year’s choice to suspend BTC installments for the vehicles created by his electric vehicle organization, because of worries about the expanding utilization of non-renewable energy sources to influence bitcoin mining. The crypto-economy lost billions following his declaration on Twitter.

Nonetheless, Tesla’s $1.5 billion interest in bitcoin before this year gave crypto markets a genuine lift. Then, at that point in May, Musk reaffirmed his devotion to decentralized cash, expressing that in the fight between fiat and crypto, his help goes to the last mentioned. He likewise said that Tesla would continue tolerating an endless supply of a reasonable half clean energy use in cryptocurrency’s mining and transaction process.

Musk and Buffett

Musk and Buffett have in the past conflicted over plans of action. In 2018, the SpaceX CEO said that “moats are lame,” alluding to a term advocated by Warren Buffett, and accentuated the significance of advancement. Buffett reacted by notice Musk to avoid his moated endeavors. Musk then, at that point, reported he is beginning another sweets organization to take on Berkshire-possessed channel See’s Candies that he will call “Crypto Candy.”

In addition to that, many financial experts still have different views on cryptocurrencies. Some people are not in support of it as they think that cryptocurrency is not a stable market and can never replace real money. But some other experts and known people in business are investing in cryptocurrency and have been a huge part of cryptocurrency. These people see it as the future of the world. However, only time will tell how much further cryptocurrency can go, but surely since its introduction in 2010 with bitcoin, cryptocurrency has come a long way.

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