FBI warns of rogue apps that want to steal your bitcoin

The FBI warns against downloading bitcoin apps. These are criminals who want to trap victims with investment services. The FBI says over $42 million has already been looted from 244 victims in the US alone.

It goes without saying, but there is no harm in repeating it: nobody gives you money for free. The FBI indicates that cybercriminals withdraw cash from investors. The victim is then asked to download certain apps. One of the names mentioned is Yibit and Supay. These services pretend to be large crypto exchanges or companies.

Once you are convinced, it is quite simple: you are asked to make a deposit.

Do your research well before downloading an app. Especially when it comes to investing in bitcoin, you should pay close attention to where you do so.

Other ways to steal money

The FBI previously warned about the rise of fraudsters on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a popular platform for people to network. This has its positive sides, but it also has its dangers. FBI agent Sean Ragan indicates in conversation with CNBC that this category of fraudsters is growing by the day.

Ragan: “The number of fraudulent activities is considerable. There are many potential victims, and there are already many victims.”

The scammers contact you via LinkedIn and start playing you. Ragan: “They do their homework.” The crooks eventually come up with a nice offer or investment opportunity. According to CNBC, fake profiles are used. For example, an account is created, and people pretend to be employees of a well-known company. These are classic scams that can be seen everywhere, especially in the world of cryptocurrencies.

The FBI keeps an eye on all social networks. According to Ragan, they see a clear increase in fraud cases. The Federal Trade Commission previously indicated that from January 2021 to March 2022, there were over $575 million in fraud cases. This is then the specific category of ‘investment fraud.’

LinkedIn is an interesting place for scammers because it seems to be a relatively safe environment. It is a business platform and, therefore, perfect for online scams.

  • Gabriele Spapperi

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