Immediate Edge – Is there an app?

Immediate Edge is a software that, once installed, allows the user to trade Bitcoin and other currencies on the market. Immediate Edge is a slim software that does not take up much memory and thus runs very quickly and reliably.

If one is looking for a software that helps one in the way of trading bitcoin, Immediate Edge is perhaps the best choice.

Besides bitcoin, you can also trade many other currencies via Immediate Edge’s software, so you are spoilt for choice here and don’t have to decide directly which currency to trade.

Immediate Edge experiences and test

Because so many different currencies are available, you can trade several currencies at the same time. Besides the software that Immediate Edge offers to trade from your home computer, there are also other ways to make money with Immediate Edge.

It is also possible to trade via Immediate Edge from your mobile phone. However, you need to download an app to do this.

Where to find the Immediate Edge app?

The Immediate Edge app can be downloaded in different ways. If one decides to trade via the app, as an Android user one has to add the app from the website. This can be done with a few clicks.

When you go to the website, all you have to do is follow the link and you will have the .apk file on your phone. When you unpack and install it, you can start the app and, after making a deposit, start trading immediately.

Tip: Sign up for Immediate Edge TODAY . As of 25.07.2024 the free trial is unfortunately no longer available. Click NOW here to get the free trial.

So if you want iPhone users to trade with Immediate Edge’s app, you don’t need to go the website route, you can also download the app directly from the store, so you can go the direct route here.

For users of other systems, the path via the Immediate Edge website remains. Here, too, you can log in and use the software. However, the website is not as sophisticated as the app and the software from Immediate Edge.

Which systems are supported?

For Android, you can start trading with almost all current versions of the software. From Android 5.1 onwards, the software is supported. For iPhones, one must already have an iPhone with IOS 7. If you use an older version, you cannot download and install the app.

In this case, the only option is to use a different device, as this is the only way to ensure compatibility.

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