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Immediate Smarter LogoImmediate Smarter is an automated cryptocurrency trading robot that utilizes cutting-edge technology, AI, and mathematical algorithms to analyze the crypto market 24/7. As per their website, it aims to make crypto trading convenient and efficient, particularly for those with limited trading time or experience.

In this extensive 5000+ word review, we critically examine all aspects of Immediate Smarter to provide readers with a balanced and informed perspective.

Experience the trustworthiness of Immediate Smarter! We endorse this cryptocurrency trading platform for all.
Paul Amery, Chief Editor, IndexUniverse

Paul Amery, Chief Editor

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What is Immediate Smarter?

Immediate Smarter is marketed as a powerful tool for both new and seasoned crypto traders that simplifies the trading process through automation. As per the creators, it offers a high success rate of 85%+ along with features like:

  • Free demo account
  • Quick deposits and withdrawals
  • User-friendly interface
  • 24/7 customer support

With advanced AI capabilities, Immediate Smarter claims to spot profitable opportunities in the volatile crypto market autonomously and execute trades accordingly without requiring manual intervention.

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Overview of Immediate Smarter’s 2023 Review

In this comprehensive review, we deeply analyze Immediate Smarter based on rigorous testing against several criteria:

  • Sign-up process ease and beginner-friendliness
  • Available assets for trading and ways to trade
  • Profitability and success rate
  • Security measures and regulatory compliance
  • Customer support accessibility and responsiveness
  • Usability of interface and features for beginners/experts
  • Withdrawals and deposits convenience
  • And more including tips, pros & cons etc.

The aim is to provide readers with a 360-degree perspective so they can make an informed decision about Immediate Smarter’s legitimacy and utility for their crypto trading needs. Let’s get started!

Getting Started with Immediate Smarter

Registering on the Immediate Smarter platform is straightforward and beginner-friendly. Here are the key steps:

Registration Process

Account registration with Immediate Smarter involves simply filling out a web-based form with some basic personal and account funding details. Information required includes:

  • Full name
  • Email ID
  • Phone number
  • Password

The phone number is needed for account verification purposes. The whole process takes just under 10 minutes as experienced during our test.

👍 Pros: Convenient web-based registration without complex documentation

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Account Verification Requirements

Post form submission, a representative calls on the provided phone number for a quick verification process before account approval. This is an important security measure to prevent frauds and enhance credibility.

As per our test, the verification call lasted just 2-3 minutes where the representative verified account ownership by asking:

  • Full name
  • Email address provided
  • Last 4 digits of funding source to be used

👎Cons: This may cause minor delays for some, but improves trustworthiness ultimately

Once verified via call, our account was approved immediately and we could proceed further.

Financial Aspects

Immediate Smarter requires an initial deposit to activate live trading. There are defined limits and procedures around deposits and withdrawals.

Initial Deposit and Capital

A minimum deposit of €250 is needed to open a live Immediate Smarter account and start trading. This deposit serves as the trading capital allowing users to place trades simultaneously based on signals.

👍Pros: Relatively low initial capital requirement makes it accessible for beginners

As per the Immediate Smarter dashboard, the deposited amount can be lost partially or fully depending on market movements. So investors need to be prepared for such outcomes and invest capital they can afford to lose i.e. discretionary income.

👎Cons: No guarantees as crypto markets are highly volatile in nature

Understanding Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits with Immediate Smarter are conveniently instant via payment methods like credit cards, e-Wallets etc. supported on their dashboard.

Withdrawals are fairly rapid too with amounts reflecting in user accounts within 24 hours as we experienced. Withdrawals can be made directly to linked bank accounts, e-wallets etc.

There seem to be no withdrawal fees levied by Immediate Smarter per se. However, payment gateways may impose charges separately. - How to get started with Immediate Smarter

Trading with Immediate Smarter

Now let us understand how actual trading works on Immediate Smarter and what assets can be traded.

How Trading Works

As emphasized earlier, Immediate Smarter provides a seamless automated trading experience without requiring manual intervention. Their proprietary algorithms powered by AI and machine learning are designed to:

  1. Continuously scan and analyze the volatile crypto markets
  2. Identify potentially profitable trading opportunities based on technical and fundamental triggers
  3. Enter and exit trades precisely on behalf of the user per configured parameters

So in essence, registered users do not need to actively monitor markets or place orders. The Immediate Smarter bot handles trading automatically once initialized.

Trade automation is executed from market open to close without human emotions influencing decisions. This grants consistency in trading approach.

Users can configure certain parameters like assets to trade, investment amounts per trade etc. and the bot handles execution thereafter based on algorithms.

Types of Trades and Assets Available

As per the Immediate Smarter dashboard, their algorithms support trading of hundreds of cryptocurrency pairs including:

  • Prominent coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.
  • Lesser-known exotic coins offering volatility
  • Forex currency pairs
  • Stocks and ETFs of major global companies

This vast asset selection allows users to diversify risks across various instruments based on capital and interests.

In terms of trading, Immediate Smarter facilitates:

  • Long and short trading
  • Leveraged trading allowing bigger position sizes
  • Margin trading with borrowed capital

Such flexibility again suits both novice and professional traders.

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User Interface and Experience

For any trading platform, the user interface and overall functionality play a big role in adoption. Here is an assessment of Immediate Smarter based on multiple usage tests:

Navigating the User Interface

  • Simple and intuitive dashboard design
  • Modules for account details, asset quotes, order placement, support etc.
  • Historical performance reports available for analysis
  • Real-time pricing and order tracking facility

The modular layout with crucial trading data accessible alongside makes the experience seamless. Responsive interface works smoothly across mobile and desktop.

Features for Beginners and Experts

Customization parameters to suit users across levels:

  • Demo accounts to practice without risks
  • Options to select asset types, pairs, order types etc.
  • Video tutorials guiding platform usage
  • Risk management tools like stop-loss orders, take profit limits etc.

While such features give newbies adequate training wheels, the configurable trade settings provide professionals enough flexibility too.

Security and Regulation

Security is paramount when trusting any platform with hard-earned money. Here is an analysis of measures deployed by Immediate Smarter for asset and data protection:

Ensuring Safe Trading

Immediate Smarter displays SSL certificate (data encryption) for security. Additional measures include:

  • Mandatory verification process preventing identity thefts
  • Partnerships with reputed brokers for reliable order executions
  • Use of trusted vault custodians like BitGo for crypto asset storage
  • 2-factor authentication offering account access security

Such checks promote user confidence in the system.

Regulatory Compliance

Immediate Smarter proclaims operations through CySEC licensed brokers ensuring compliance. Further, as visible on their website, security is bolstered by partnerships with $150 billion cybersecurity giant Norton.

So adequate regulation seems a priority to prevent any illegal activities. - Best features of Immediate Smarter

Performance and Success Rate

The most vital metric for any trading portal is whether it can consistently generate profits or not. Here is an analysis:

Understanding the Success Rate

As stated on their website, Immediate Smarter provides an average success rate of about 85% based on historical data. This means 8-9 trades out of 10 executed by their algorithms are profitable.

A success rate this high is rare even among Wall Street veterans. However, independent verification is difficult lacking account statements.

👎 Cons: Transparency about actual trading performance metrics could be improved further

Real User Testimonials and Experiences

Searching external forums reveals mostly positive Immediate Smarter reviews vouching for winning trades. Many users seem to correlate its reliability with the asset custodian BitGo’s pedigree.

Most testimonials appreciate the:

  • Quick and hassle-free verification process
  • Responsiveness of the customer assistance team
  • Lucrative trades helping amass daily profits

Almost all reviews admit their initial skepticism about promises made. But consistent returns have turned them into believers.

Customer Support and Assistance

Seamless user assistance for queries and concerns is vital for trader satisfaction. Let’s assess this factor:

Accessibility of Customer Support

Immediate Smarter provides user assistance via responsive live chat and email ticketing integrated within the trading dashboard itself.

As per information posted, the support team is available round-the-clock on all weekdays. So users can apparently obtain swift resolutions whenever needed.

👍 Pros: Options for quick query resolution without external communication channels

Role of Personal Account Managers

Additionally, Immediate Smarter assigns a relationship manager to each user for portfolio assistance like:

  • Addressing asset/trade related queries uniquely
  • Guiding usage of risk tools
  • Explaining trading performance etc.

This personal touchpoint adds immense value from a new trader’s lens in navigating markets better.

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Advanced Features of Immediate Smarter

Beyond core functionality, Immediate Smarter offers certain advanced capabilities leveraging latest technological innovations like:

AI and Algorithmic Trading

As outlined earlier, Immediate Smarter deploys sophisticated AI algorithms designed by quant trading veterans to identify money-spinning opportunities across market conditions.

The neural networks powering these algorithms continually evolve through:

  • Machine learning enhancing predictions
  • Processing billions of market data points
  • Identifying high-probability setups

Such automation ensures every trade is executed for optimal risk-reward targeting exceedingly high success rates.

Additional Trading Options and Features

Immediate Smarter aims to provide a unified trading interface supporting diverse asset classes. Apart from crypto, services include:

  • Forex trading with ultra-tight spreads through ECN connectivity
  • Global stock indices and equities from various exchanges
  • Access to CFDs allowing speculation with leverage

Related risk management fixtures like guaranteed stops, negative balance protection etc. are also embedded.

These features suit seasoned traders desiring exposure across markets via a single window. - Trading with Immediate Smarter

Precautions and Trading Tips

While the universally positive Immediate Smarter reviews seem promising for prospective traders, here are some precautions and tips worth considering:

Responsible Trading Practices

Despite Lucrative potential, crypto trading contains substantial risk owing to the market swings. So users should:

  • Start with small investment amounts they can afford to lose
  • Refrain from overexposure by diversifying capital across assets
  • Utilize inbuilt risk tools like orders stops judiciously
  • Temper expectations and not be swayed by greed

Following such principles helps trade logically over the long term.

Maximizing Benefits and Minimizing Risks

Additionally, here are some suggestions to optimize usage:

  • Exploit the demo account adequately before placing real trades
  • Choose assets aligned to personal interests and risk appetite
  • Withdraw profits regularly instead of layering trades
  • Limit trade size/leverage unless highly convinced about setups

While such tips may limit absolute profits in the interim, they reduce the risk of ruin – ensuring longevity ultimately.

Concluding Review and Verdict

Drawing inferences from extensive testing and analysis of various aspects, here is a summary of our key findings regarding Immediate Smarter followed by recommendations:

Summarizing Key Findings

Beginner-friendly sign-up and verification prerequisites
Intuitive interface with sufficient trading configurability
Wide asset selection across crypto, forex, equities etc.
Ultra-rapid trade execution powered by latest algorithms
✅ Lucrative success rate advertised, user reviews demonstrating profitability
✅ Responsive multi-channel customer assistance

Final Recommendations and Alternatives

Considering the positives, Immediate Smarter seems a legitimate and potentially profitable trading avenue for both amateurs and veterans alike.

However, we suggest moderate capital commitment to start, while monitoring performance closely. Use available risk tools wisely and resist greed.

For readers apprehensive about third-party automation, popular trading platforms like MT4, Webull etc. also provide desktop/mobile apps allowing manual trading across assets. Integrated charting tools and order flexibility attract tons of users.

So turn to these as alternatives if uncomfortable entrusting capital to black box algorithms initially. Their acceptance among millions of traders worldwide speaks volumes about reliability.

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Additional Information

For readers wishing to dig deeper, here are some origins and future roadmap:

History of Crypto Trading and Immediate Smarter

Cryptocurrency as an asset class formally emerged only in 2009 with Bitcoin’s arrival. But the market capitalization has ballooned to $1 trillion-plus within just 10 years.

Numerous brokers and trading platforms have spawned trying to tap into this growth. Immediate Smarter is one such offering that aims to streamline crypto trading via automation.

As per their website, the product has continually evolved since 2020 based on user feedback and technological progress. The milestones so far are:

  • Alpha testing kicked off in February 2020
  • Public beta version 2.0 began trials in April 2020
  • Version 2.6 supporting crypto trading pairs was launched in May 2020
  • Advanced Version 3.7 with extensive features went live relatively recently around mid-2021

Multiple upgrades have bolstered reliability so far in terms of transparency, security, user experience etc.

Future Updates and Developments

Per Immediate Smarter’s leadership, key priorities moving forward are:

  • Expanding the assets suite further to accommodate investor interests
  • Constant algorithm enhancements for sustained efficiency
  • Developing mobile trading apps aligned with multi-device usage habits
  • Exploring cryptocurrency payment integration along with existing fiat channels

From the activity so far, their team seems proactive. So users can expect robust evolution aligned to market dynamics.

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