YouHodler: a secure and sustainable alternative to decentralized finance

Who says better ? – Decentralized finance, although promising, brings up the specter of a bubble that all cryptocurrency enthusiasts would like to forget about. Is it really possible to maintain interest rates above 40% for some stablecoins over the long term ? The fear of becoming the collateral victim of a future crack is now giving new life to certain centralized platforms.

Offering a more viable economic model, they place security at the heart of strategic issues, and offer much more advantageous interest rates than traditional finance.

This is a promotional article written in conjunction with YouHodler.

DeFi: fear of heights

Far from the unaudited protocols that flourish within DeFi, YouHodler is a platform that could not be more regulated. It was built in Switzerland, in full compliance with local legislation.

The great figures of decentralized finance like Andre Cronje affirm it: the fact of being technically limited and of granting blind trust in DeFi protocols to make your money grow is “close to irresponsibility” .

Indeed, despite the apparent security of certain protocols, the experimental aspect of decentralized finance should not be neglected. Moderate confidence must be given to certain source codes , which are still in the test phase, and yet made available to the general public.

Most people think of protocol auditing as the ultimate validation of a source code. However, the adventures related to Bzrx and its third successive hack should serve as lessons. No ! Auditing is not the magic bulwark against failures. Many bugs can creep into protocols and endanger invested funds.

YouHodler stands out as a powerful alternative, for those wishing to benefit from attractive interest and loan conditions, in a completely secure environment.

YouHodler version crypto loans

Memories of 2015 and 2016 haunt people. Many individuals who have accumulated a substantial amount of cryptocurrency of all kinds had to part with it to meet an urgent financial need.

The year 2017 made them regret this decision forever. As Bitcoin broke through the $ 19,000 mark during anepic bullrun , several hasty sellers missed the opportunity of a lifetime. Do you think the situation will be different this time around?

Alarming macroeconomic factors and the surrounding uncertainty make Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies potentially invaluable safe havens. YouHodler therefore proposes never to touch this “future jackpot” , and to borrow good old FIAT currency, with only your precious cryptocurrencies as collateral.

Crisis and magic money – helicopter drop

YouHodler makes it possible to borrow an amount equivalent to 90% of the value of your cryptocurrencies. This proportion of loans is calculated according to the time limit during which you want to repay your loan. The shorter the borrowing period, the more attractive the interest rate will be (only 5% for a period of less than 30 days).

In addition to attractive rates, security has been placed at the heart of the corporate strategy. In June 2020, the platform signed a partnership with Ledger to secure the assets of its clients within the Ledger Vault .

Crypto savings of up to 12%

Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts would do anything to accumulate a larger number of bitcoins, ethers, and other major currencies. Opportunities are indeed omnipresent in the market, with new tokens issued on a daily basis, being able to see their value multiply by 5 in the space of a few hours.

In the long term, the winners are rarer. Your success in the cryptocurrency market is often conditioned by your position on the information scale . Do you have a strong and competent network in the industry? The distilled information can therefore be used to increase your capital.

If this is not your case, a conservative strategy can be a great way to increase your income.