AirDAO Overhauls Tokenomics to Empower Web3 & DeFi Ecosystem


  • AirDAO is a community-governed layer-one blockchain with its own suite of web3 dApps.
  • The upgraded AirDAO Tokenomics outlines changes coming to the project throughout 2023.
  • These changes include DAO voting, liquid staking, a Bond Marketplace and burning mechanisms for a deflationary AMB token supply.

Introduction to AirDAO

AirDAO is a community-governed layer-one blockchain with a suite of web3 dApps accessible through the AirDAO Dashboard, all powered by the AMB token. The upgraded AirDAO Tokenomics lays out the changes coming to AirDAO throughout 2023. These updates will establish AirDAO as a community-driven Layer 1 project and ensure the stability of the network for the long term.

Rewards Structure and Liquid Staking Solution

The update to the rewards structure guarantees the long-term security of the network, with enhanced rewards for validator nodes; the addition of a liquid staking solution ensures all community members can contribute towards securing the network due to its lower barriers to entry.

Bond Marketplace

The Bond Marketplace guarantees sustainable protocol-owned liquidity for the AirDAO ecosystem. This marketplace allows users to purchase tokens from protocol owned reserves at premium prices in exchange for locking those tokens in a vault contract over an extended period of time.

Max Token Supply and Burning Mechanisms

A max token supply has been instituted, with a goal for an eventual deflationary supply—which will be accomplished through several burning mechanisms implemented by AirDAO. These burning mechanisms include rewards earned from transaction fees being burned directly, as well as newly minted tokens being sold on exchanges and funds from those sales then burned afterwards.


Ultimately, these updates lay down foundations that will guarantee long term success for both AirDAO and its users alike. With these new improvements in place, it’s full steam ahead towards building an even better Web3 and DeFi ecosystem!